Unicell C-7468-4 for Jandy CL460/CV460 4PK 115SQF Filter Cartridges




Unicel C-7468-4 Replacement Filter Cartridge 115SqFt Jandy CL460 1 Set is part of the 7000 Series of Unicel. This particular product has an open top end cap with a 3-inch inner diameter and an open bottom end cap with 3-inch inner diameter. With an outside diameter of 7 inches and a length of 27 inches, it has a sharp pleat count of 175 folds that maximize spacing between pleats. The filter media is 4-ounce and has a filter area of 115 square feet. It can be used to replace 115 sq.ft. Jandy CL460 (OEM A0558000) filter.

For Jandy CV460 (OEM R0554600), Four 115 sq.ft. cartridges required; use Unicel C-7468-4 to replace full set. This Unicel Part Number C-7468-4 is already 1 set which is comprised of 4 cartridges.