Aladdin Premium O-Ring lube with Teflon PTFE 1oz




It has a wide temperature range (0F – 425F) which make Magic Lube ideal for use under the most adverse conditions. It forms a durable, adhesive film of lubricant. Magic Lube has been USDA H-1 rated to be environmentally safe and corrosion free.


It’s recommended that when a pool or hot tub pump is replaced, removed and re-installed or serviced that the union threads and o-ring be lubricated with Magic Lube to protect the parts and for ease of disassembly when future service is required.


Ideal for seating and rejuvenating O-rings
You’ll find countless other uses around the home, auto and boat… from battery terminals, to sliding door tracks, to bike chains. It is the best all around lubricant wherever water is present. Compatible with plastic, metal, rubber. Non-flammable, non-staining, non-dripping, and odourless.

Do not use on hot tub pump or pool pump impeller shaft seals.