Jandy Pressure Switch with Syphon Loop Kit R0457001




“Over time, the pressure switch in your heater can begin to leak (mainly as a result of the constant water pressure it is exposed to). When this happens, you’ll need a replacement to stop the leak, and ensure the pressure in your heater is at a safe level.

Using the R0457001 Jandy Water Pressure Switch
Replacing the pressure switch in your pool heater is one of the easiest repairs you can make. With a bit of teflon tape and a matching part, you can simply thread in your new pressure switch for a fast repair. But, different pool heaters require different pressure switches, and you’ll need to be sure you have the right part for the job.

The R0457001 Jandy Water Pressure Switch is suitable for use on Jandy JXI pool heaters. Be sure this is the part you need for a fast repair to your pressure switch.

Used with:
• Jandy JXi Heaters – JXi200N, JXi200NK, JXi200P, JXi200PK, JXi260N, JXi260NK, JXi260P, JXi260PK, JXi400N, JXi400NK, JXi400NN, JXi400P, JXi400PK, JXi400PN

Might be compatible with older models as long as the part number is listed in the product manual

Product Number – 52337068185


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in