Ico-Smart Pool Partner



What is Ico?

Taking care of your pool or spa has never been easier

Always connected, ICO monitors your pool water behavior 24/7. It analyzes water parameters and anticipates variations. ICO sends you personalized recommendations to help you keep your water healthy and clear.

Thanks to the Share function You can share my data with your family, neighbors or friends so that they can easily take over during your absence 

  • Accurately measures: pH, ORP, Temperature, Salt & Hardness
  • Simple free App with real-time analysis, reminders, and personal, accurate dosing recommendations (for iOS and Android)
  • Uses local weather forecasts to provide intuitive analysis
  • Pool or Spa Compatible
  • Durable, Compact, and Reliable
  • 3 Robust Plug & Play Sensors with a Twistlock system, makes sensor replacement quick and easy
  • USB Rechargeable Battery (1 charge lasts all season – 4 to 6 months)
  • Simple Connection – WiFi & Bluetooth
  • 2 Year Warranty on all parts
  • For Salt, Chlorine or Bromine Pools & Spas
  • No Annual Subscription Fee!

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 5 in